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HW Season 5



In 5 years of producing the Award-Winning Heartland Waterfowl on Outdoor Channel, Season 5 is our BEST! The 2017-18 waterfowl season provided consistent success with many memorable and funny moments. Team HW begins the year with early season honkers in North Dakota and New York before heading north to Saskatchewan to chase massive feeds of snow geese. From there, the Team follows the entire waterfowl migration south through the Central Flyway. Several banded birds were harvested this season, included a rare tarsal band in North Dakota. The guys even set up on Sandhill Cranes in West Texas and even mix in some quail hunting and fishing throughout the season.

We hope you enjoy this jam packed season in 13 original episodes, with a variety of authentic waterfowl hunting that is relatable to all waterfowl hunters across North America.