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HW Season 7



Another year of the Award-Winning Heartland Waterfowl, Season 7 was one full of roller coasters. Follow along as the HW team perseveres through the ups and downs of the 2019-2020 season. The boys start  with their annual trip to chase early season honkers in North Dakota but this season has a couple different trips throughout the chase of the Central Flyway. It seemed everywhere they went there was some sort of obstacle to tackle but they always seemed to scratch out a few amazing hunts. This season even brings a couple bonus birds including some booner pintails and an HW first, A Swan! Follow along with Team HW through the challenges of a waterfowl hunter.

We hope you enjoy this jam packed season in 12 original episodes, with variety of authentic waterfowl hunting that is relatable to all waterfowl hunters across North America.